And so we are seeking submissions for a portrait of our 45th president.
The style and tone we do not presume to dictate, for this is a work of art, one we expect will draw from the bottomless well of feelings we all discovered the day we made our worst person the most powerful person in the world.

Like those before it, this portrait should serve as a symbol. Let it not only reflect the history of the office, but the story and the aesthetic of the man it portrays.

You have until March 2nd to submit your portrait. Next, a committee of art historians and interns from the Crooked College of Art and Design and Tweets, will pick the stand outs. Then, harking back to a time when congressional districts weren’t drawn by Koch brothers supercomputers, your votes will decide.

We will then print the winner on mugs or posters or whatever else makes sense. All proceeds will go toward P.S. ARTS to support art in schools. And, hey, if one of you accidentally left a print at the Smithsonian, who would be mad? Not us. Not us.

Contest is over!